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Watch your back for copyrights!

This is pretty good as for the scene transitions and the text inserts and the like. This isn't good in the sense as in you drawing it, because you DIDN'T!!! The real version of this game is a 3D video called "Suima" and it is far far better. Granted, it's in Japanese, but the english version rocks.

Needs a little extra fine tuning

I thought this was pretty good. It needs a lot of work though. The setting used for the guitar wasn't bad... It would be neat if there was an effects dial which had delay, distortion add, bass boost, etc. Also, in this game, there is no way to actually strum more than one note at once. You can only pick one note and then another while the other notes just sustain themselves. Where the pickup is on the guitar image, you should make it that if you click and hold the mouse, and strum over the strings, it will play the notes covered by the little black dots. Then you could actually play chords. That would be pretty cool. Also, for the keyboard thing, you could make it so that you drag the box over a certain area of notes, and then you can press keys on the keyboard which make those notes sound. For example, if the box was at the low end of the guitar, you could make it that keyboard "Z" plays a low C. A keyboard "X" would play the next string up, a keyboard "c" would play the next a "v" would play the next a "b" would play the next, and a "b" would play the top string. In order to move up the frets, you would simply shift those six keyboard buttons up one. A "z" would become an "a" and a "x" would become an "s" and so on and so forth. This works pretty well with the program "Fruityloops studio". It's not exactly like this, but it works well. Other than that, I think the sound quality leaves a little to be desired. If possible, it might be ideal to plug a real guitar into your computer mic plug using a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch plug adaptor. It might sound a little more authentic and a little less digital. Other than that, good game!

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This is pretty good. It could use a bit more sound though. It needs a good BASS punch in the FACE! I made something similar. Check out http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/202357 You'll like what you hear.

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